Justice Served?

Muammar Gaddafi is dead. Yes, that is the spelling of his name from Wikipedia. Certainly the MSM don’t know how it’s supposed to be spelled. To be honest it really doesn’t matter much any more. The bastard is dead.

The basics of life are eat, drink, sleep, wake, repeat. When you find someone messing with your ability to do these things it is more often than not the case that sooner or later you’ll mess with their ability to do those things. The law of reciprocity is a powerful thing. He was tried over the last 40+ years, and found guilty. The only thing that really took any time was executing the sentence.

Now it’s time for the Libyan people to get on with the business of finding a good way for all of them to eat, drink, sleep, wake, and repeat … in a way that doesn’t harm anyone else. I’m hopeful that the rest of the people in the world that are not Libyans will not interfere and just let them take care of themselves in the very way that the rest of us would feel if it were us in their place. When they need some help we should trust that they will ask and just leave them alone until they ask. I wish them all the luck in the world. I hope that anger does not turn to hate and bigotry; that the people will recognize that the former ‘government’ did have some competent workers who should be looked to for some guidance now in this time of transition; that those people in charge during the transition have the courage and foresight to gracefully execute their duties and step down when their turn is done.

Even more than all that I truly hope that the rest of the world has the grace and respect to allow the Libyan people the space and time to work out the details of their fledgling country – whether it turns out to be a democratic republic or not. Mrs. Clinton, please be both transparent and industrious with both aid and assistance to the Libyan people and informative reports to the US Government and it’s citizens. There is no reason to assume that the Libyan people will fail, nor is there need to rush to give them assistance they don’t want. I hope we all get this one right.

I salute the people of Libya

Good luck

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