Would you do this?

Science! It works… bitches!
Yeah, I know this isn’t really good science but it would be a good lesson. Any takers?

April 28th 2013


I’m just saying….

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Was The Ten Commandments God’s Biggest Mistake?


Here it is… Sunday. Apparently the day that YHWH likes so much he would have you killed if you don’t laze around. Yep, no work today you effing heathens. Sit down and laze around on your asses (no, not those asses) or the most powerful being in the universe will have you killed. Got that? That’s right, you fucking morons don’t even know when to relax. Well, I suppose I could be wrong. It appears that YHWH missed a lot of opportunities to make sense.

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Was The Ten Commandments God's Biggest Mistake?

Was The Ten Commandments God’s Biggest Mistake?

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Yes, Laughter IS The Best Medicine

I have been laughing for 20 minutes. This is awesome. Watch and enjoy


Simply Classic

Sometimes you see a thing that is … well, it’s classic. Not in the sense that it is a defining moment in society but that it is a event that defines society’s momentum. If this video doesn’t go viral I’ll be upset.


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God Loves You So Much…


My partner today finally grasped the significance of the fact that for any given sect of Christianity which believes it is THE true Christianity and will go to heaven, they represent far less than 1% of all the people who have ever lived. So to this pic I’d add the following words

That he created hell just in case you don’t love him back in exactly the right way.

Can I get a big loud “fuck that” for the 99?

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God Loves You So Much...

God Loves You So Much…

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Nostalgia Can Make You Sick….

Have  you ever wondered about those people that wish we were living back in the ‘good old days’?

Well, here’s a trip down memory lane that you will find disturbing. I take no responsibility for headaches, hysterical laughter, constipation or other health related side effects you may experience while watching this video. I do, however, recommend that you click that Like button and give that Subscribe button a whirl while you’re there



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