Careful What You Ask For….


Go on over and show Russ some love. He has some good videos

Now … A Real Life Musical Interlude

hehehehehehe … he said ‘lude’ hehehe heh heh hehehe

I’ve been an advocate of just stopping the ride in the middle of the day’s events and looking around, enjoying the very fact of being alive. Whether it is to watch a squirrel eat, or children playing, or anything that is ‘living’ it really doesn’t matter. Just stop and enjoy the experience of being alive.

I subscribe to the Youtube channel ‘soulpancake‘ and it offers a large stream of living… people being alive and sharing those moments in various ways. Some of it is hit and miss but all of it is reality viewing. These videos really struck a chord with the part of me that just wants to stop the roller coaster for a few and enjoy. I hope you enjoy them too.

With summer on its way, perfect…


In case you wondered, as I did, The singer is Casey Abrams who has an official web site and a Youtube channel

In Which I’m Okay With That …

There are many deluded people in the world because when they learned about life their teachers were not teaching the controversy, they were teaching religion as fact. If people had taught them that there are many ways to think about origins and religion X is just one of them, these people would more readily convert when given the facts they need to decide. It’s difficult to simply wake up one day and know that everyone you love lied to you all your life… and be okay with that. Here is a video about that problem… enjoy



And as always, please feel free to check out other videos from any vlogger I link to. KauaiTime   has some awesome stuff to say.

Chances Are ….

Chances are….

  • Any vocal atheist you meet was previously a theist
  • Any vocal atheist you meet speaks out because they feel they were cheated out of the truth for far too long
  • Three out of four theists you know can’t defend their belief any better than a 12 year old can
  • Many theists reading atheist blogs have doubts about their faith and may well be interested in the truth


I know he is best remembered for nihilistic thought, but I think ‘Fred’ is worth a second and third look. How many other situations in life show that faith means nothing? I could list a few, but perhaps it might be more fun if you, the readers, were to tell some stories of what you think illustrates that faith means nothing.

If I get enough I might do a second post using the comments from this one.




Speaking of ‘chances are’ … similar thought is at the 6:45 mark. Enjoy! If you’re not subscribed to DarkMatter2525 yet, what are you waiting for?


Your god sees everything


Who Said You Are Supposed To Be Happy?

I’m kind of tired of hearing this mantra. Theists use this too much and it permeates society. There is no law that you are supposed to be happy. Sure, lots of people WANT to be happy but this implies that they have all that they want. We naked hairless apes are never happy with what we have, we always want something more.

It is logical that if we actually did have all that we want we would be content.


BINGO! Happiness is contentment but there is this niggly little problem. You can be content with what you have…. did that sink in?


It IS in the palm of your hands


Yes, if you can be content with what you have you can be happy. You are not supposed to be happy, but if you can be content you can achieve this. When most people talk about happiness it is in the framework of achieving something or acquiring something. None of that makes you content for very long. I think it is much better to work on being content with what you have…. I find that happiness follows this in VERY quick succession.


What say you?

The Vatican corrected the Pope after he made this claim, but still…

Uhm.. can I add ‘Hell fucking yes!’ to this?


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