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Hell Is Real…

It’s called Alzheimer’s Disease.

Recently I found a blogger that thinks the mind creates the brain. That person is an idiot. Watching a vivid character and mind waste to nothing is the most disheartening thing I can possibly think of. I can’t imagine the hell of not being able to remember 5 minutes ago. My mother is becoming like many animals… living only in this moment but able to remember her college GPA to three decimal places. She can’t remember what she ate last night but she can remember long term stuff like the back of her hand. It’s a torture that I can see taking its toll on her and soon on the family. If prayer would work I would pray for her. It gives me physical pain to see that beautiful woman and mind reduced to such confusion and pain. Hell is real. It is the loss of your mind.

When she faces her god, she won’t remember if she has sinned and can’t repent of them if she did. If this is a god’s perfect plan I want to beat that god to death with a hammer. This was his plan? Torture her here and then condemn her after? I really want some believer to explain their god to me now. I want to know why their god wants me to feel such pain. I want to know why their god wants to torture my mother and my family. I want an explanation or for religion to shut the fuck up. Religion has no explanation and this just happens. It is part of life and if fucking sucks. I cry for the woman who does not know what my tears are for. Tell me you religious believers, what are my tears for? What is my family’s suffering for? What part of god’s perfect plan does this support? I’m listening…

Illusions? Who Are You?

We are not enslaved to the illusions of our memories nor trapped within them.

It is only marginally correct to say that we are afraid to reach outside of them.


If the truth is to be told, we are frightened of living without them.


Not because change is stressful, but because without them we do not know truly who we are.


If there is but one thing more frightful to humans than living without their illusions



it is to find out who they really are.


Who are  you?


What are  you afraid of?

Okay so…

myatheistlife: – I don’t want to know what love is, I just want to know what you are … I’d much rather just talk! I couldn’t have said this better.

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I think love means something different to each of us.  A person may think they are loving someone when, in fact, the person they are loving feels nothing but annoyance at their attention.  Some kinds of love may make people feel exploited or used.  People often mix up the word love with the word control.   A person may not think that what someone else is doing or saying has anything to do with love, according to his or her own definition of the word. We need to define our terms.

How can a person recognize what anyone else thinks of as love, if his/her definition is different than that of the other person?  Don’t people just recognize love according to what they think love is?  I know I know I do. It’s that way for everything.  And what’s with those people who think that because THEY love someone, those someones’…

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Science Can Answer Moral Questions


Wow, this is kind of awesome… can you see a reason to disagree with this post?

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The following logic scheme is based on the TED lecture “Science can answer moral questions” by Dr. Sam Harris, dated March 2010.

1.1.A. Assumption:
Questions of morality cannot be answered by science.
1.1.B. Assumption:
Science can help us get what we value, but it can never tell us what we ought to value.
Facts and values seem to belong to different spheres.
1.2. Fact:
Science deals with facts – reality which is objectively verifiable.
1.3. Presumptive Conclusion:
Science therefore cannot discuss values.
1.4. Hypothesis:
This is quite clearly untrue.

2.1. Assumption:
Values are a certain kind of fact about the well-being of conscious creatures.
2.2.A. Fact:
We do not feel ethical obligations toward rocks because we do not think they can suffer.
2.2.B. Fact:
We are more concerned with about our fellow primates than we are about insects because we think they are exposed to a…

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Near Death Yet? Have An Experience? Want To Share?

Near death experiences give people some odd bits of experience and science has yet to pin it down as to what is going on. That part is no surprise. In the track of my mechanical atheism and decidedly dedicated desire to divine the direct dope on near death dreams I decided to devote this ditty to declaring delineated decisions derived from my dunce cap stand.


Near Death Experiences or NDE have increased since we became more successful at resuscitating people. How Stuff Works  has a piece on NDE and there are lots of posts on the internets to help you get confused over what is going on with these things. I will approach this from the atheist and anti-theist, monist, materialist, nihilist point of view. Oh, I know, nothing special but I’ve got to give the old college try.

Yes, there are those that think it is a religious experience and I’ll tell you that this idea invalidates their religious experiences as something other than natural phenomena.

Your body is a machine. Sure, it’s organic, but it is a system of interrelated systems working together to support the brain that is you.

I urge you to read “My Stroke Of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor. She describes what happened when she had a major brain haemorrhage that shut down half of her brain. No, it’s not an NDE though it could have been. She is a neuroscientist and took some good notes on what was happening to her. There is a TED talk to make it a short trip.

She talks about how parts of her brain shut down and what experiences she had from that.

In an NDE the body begins to shut down. Lack of oxygen being circulated means that malfunction begins. It will begin in the extremities first. Your body will strive to keep your brain functional for as long as possible. Your brain has the capacity to function for a certain amount of time before shutting down. While those last moments tick along your brain will lose contact with sensory inputs, and various parts of your brain. This will create an unreal world where nothing ‘feels’ right, and things seem to be odd. In this state your brain will continue to process data as fast as it can with whatever sensory data it can find.

You will lose sense of time, sense of position, and sense of synchronized data. That is to say that the sensory data from one source will not match up to other sensory data. It will be out of synch and give us a distorted picture of the world that we believe we are seeing.

As your brain starts shutting down, memories will be what is available for the simulation in your head. Vision will go and only memories will provide visual data. Everyone familiar with ‘stream of consciousness’ thinking will know that given a chance, most people will scream through random thoughts at any given point of the day. We mostly suppress them to ensure that thoughts synchronize to external sensory data.

Jill Bolte Taylor describes what happens when we lose these brain synchronizations.

In cardiac arrest, we go straight to this shutting down state. It is our experiences and memories and simulator rules that define what our brain will be doing to try to make sense of what is happening. Because of this, there is no way to predict what your NDE might be like. What is known is that these general conditions and symptoms express themselves as dream like experiences in the memory of those who experience an NDE.

There is no magic, no spirits, nothing special… it’s what happens when you unplug your brain. Awesome and frightening in one step. It is what you will experience after that last breath.

Are you looking forward to it?

probably the only president of the past 100 year plus, who’s reputation has grown with time…


Well now, that stings a little bit, doesn’t it.

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