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The Top Ten Brain Science And Psychology Studies Of 2013


I find this interesting. Note that they’re not working on how to detect consciousness rather they are working better, more convenient ways to measure it more accurately.

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The traditional functions of the two halves of the brain

The traditional functions of the two halves of the brain

From David DiSalvo at

Putting it mildly, 2013 was an eventful year for brain science. This Top 10 list isn’t meant to be exhaustive (given how many studies are published each year, it never could be), but it’s a sturdy sampling of incredible work being conducted around the world, moving us closer to solving some extremely vexing puzzles about brains and behavior.

1. How the Brain Takes Out Its Trash While We Sleep

In 2013, layers were peeled back from two interrelated mysteries: the function of sleep, and how the brain removes its waste byproducts.

While it’s been known for some time that the brain doesn’t directly use the body’s lymphatic system (our body-wide filtering and waste removal system) to dump its toxic waste, the mechanism that it does use wasn’t identified until 2012. The research team that made this…

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Brew Ha Ha Erupts At Annual Heaven/Hell Easter Gathering


This is why we can’t have nice things…

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When I entered my office this morning to sit in my arm-chair and pontificate, I found it was already occupied by an exhausted and disheveled looking Jesus. I was, of course, rather surprised by this, and, after first asking him to please sit on the couch because only I sit in the arm-chair, I asked why he was there. This is what he said.
 Jesus Tells Me His Story

Jesus Tells Me His Story

“First of all, let me please apologize for my appearance and my unannounced visitation, but, after last night, I really just needed a quiet place to chill for a few hours. You see, just prior to coming here, I squelched the flames of a wild brew ha ha between Heaven and Hell. Yesterday, we held our annual Heaven & Hell Easter party at the McCormick Center here in Chicago. It was really a fun party, too, at least for the first…

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Comparing 3 things, to show what is demonstrable…


There really isn’t any way for the believers to get around this problem… without the god making himself as present and accessible as a mother.

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Meditation: Reduce Stress and Pain, Trigger Genetic Changes, and More


The power of the mind is something science is only beginning to understand. Perhaps the best overall health advice is the simplest: slow down and sit in silence daily.

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Meditation: Reduce Stress and Pain, Trigger Genetic Changes, More : Natural Society .


byElizabeth Renter
April 15th, 2014

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know of a way to help you relax after a long day, reduce your stress and chronic pain, help you focus better on what really matters in your life, and improve your health overall? While Big Pharma is working on that pill, there is a solution that is free and offers no side effects; it’s meditation.

A recent survey of 23,000 households in the U.S. found that about 38 percent of individuals use complementary and alternative medicine, and many of these people use meditation. The popularity of meditation is growing, and even doctors are getting in on the move—prescribing meditation to people who suffer from pain, stress, high blood pressure, and more.

The benefits of meditation have to be experienced first-hand to be fully…

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Why would God “create” us to begin with?


This is an interesting take on it… and making the point about what we can choose to believe or not believe.

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If god is all knowing then surely he knows that many people will not believe in him and he will send those people to hell, but why? Why would someone do that? Purposely create humans and then punish us for not believing in him?

The Christians would likely say something to the extent of, “God gave people free will to accept Christ as their savior and if they choose not to believe, then it’s their fault.” Meanwhile, the Muslims will say something under the lines of, “Allah gave us free will, it is up to us to accept his existence and by not believing you are destined to go to hell”, and many other religions will make similar claims.

But “believing” is not really a choice. It is not as if I chose not to believe. It’s not a choice like something physical, such as choosing not to hurt people, or…

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Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, must be criticized. Don’t let Muslims stop that with their scare tactics.


Staying silent is a form of agreement!

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the punishment for apostasy and denying Islam was just that, Nothing!? But of course that is not the case, as the Quran in numerous occasions calls for the death of non-believers. If you need passages, I will gladly share them.

I criticize Islam and Muhammad, because they deserve no respect. I criticize all religions, because I care about humanity, because I care about women, because I care about homosexuals, minorities, other atheists, people Muslims refer to as infidels, people who suffer under the hands of Islam. More importantly the ones that suffer the most are the Muslims themselves. So many people who finally come to the realization that they have been brainwashed their whole lives to believe in a religion, come to me and ask me for advice, and I am helping them all, see how beautiful the world is without the superstitions and fearful…

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Islamic Fallacies


The truth can sting … a lot!

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For those of us who have lived and grown up in Muslim countries, we are told over and over again that Islam is great in every way. They claim just because there were certain scientists many centuries ago who made contributions to the advancement of science by translating the works of other people to Arabic, this is somehow an indication that Islam is great, even though their works had nothing to do with Islamic scripture. Even if they can be credited with the greatest inventions of all time, all that means is they were regular people who lived under Muslim rule, at a time when being an atheist was unthinkable! It’s not like the Quran made these contributions. However, when millions, literally millions of people, are killed, abused, and tortured in the name of Islam precisely because of passages in the Quran and the Hadith, this is somehow not representative…

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Want to boycott companies that support marriage equality?


If you need a laugh today, this just might be it.

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Indulging superstitions comes at a real cost


And whooop, there it is. Follow the money. If your special idea would actually work there are many groups that would be exploiting it. The fact that governments are not exploiting your special power or thing is proof enough that it does not work.

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Often we think of people’s superstitions as harmless quirks that have are easily tolerated. No one gets hurt if someone says a prayer before eating, refuses to walk under a ladder or doesn’t go out on Friday the 13th. Those are all superstitions, ie irrational beliefs in the supernatural, but ones that are so common or harmless that we give them a free pass. When some people take their superstitions to even greater extremes, like claiming lego will destroy children’s souls or that Dungeons and Dragons is evil , we find it ridiculous but don’t pay it much attention other than as a curiosity.

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I am a recovering Creationist. I need help.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my 500th follower. They are asking for a bit of information. Feel free to visit their blog and let the floodgates open with your favorite links!

Thank you

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Growing up in a conservative christian home, I was taught to ignore science – specifically evolution - at school. I was told to learn enough to pass the test, but ignore what they teach because it isn’t “The Truth”. I was taught the anti-evolution rhetoric and how to argue against it. We comforted ourselves with Creationism and the fact that our souls were intact and on their way to pearly gates. To believe otherwise was damning your soul. As my father puts it, to believe that all this wonder came to be by accident is an insult. Only God could create something so amazing. I believed it hook, line, and sinker just like every good  christian child does. This is what I believed and subsequently taught my children in homeschool. Something I deeply regret and can only hope college, and public school will help correct in my kids.

This belief and…

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